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Are there any fees to join SurveySavvy?

No. There are absolutely no fees to join or participate in the SurveySavvy online community.

It is important to note that some Web sites sell a list of online survey companies where our name might appear. SurveySavvy is not affiliated in any way with these sites who ask you for money.

Can I join SurveySavvy if I do not live in the United States?

Yes, we accept members from all points on the globe. If your specific country of residence is not listed in the registration form, please contact us.

Can I see a list of referrals that have signed up?

A history of your personalized email invitations is available on the "Referrals" page, in addition to your referral statistics. However, due to our privacy policy, you cannot view the information of anonymous referrals who sign up through your public referral link. These anonymous referrals are included in your referral statistics.

Can I use business cards to refer new members?

Yes, you may use business cards to refer new members to SurveySavvy. Include your unique referral link on the business card to ensure that you are properly identified as the referring member. Please ensure that any message or offer you print on the cards does not violate our Terms and Conditions.

Can I use PayPal with my SurveySavvy account?

Currently, we do not offer PayPal as a payment option.

Can you deposit a payment directly to my bank account?

At this time we are unable to directly deposit a payment request to your bank account.

Do I earn incentives for each person I refer to you that signs up?

As a member you earn incentives when you, your referrals, or their referrals complete surveys.

Do you withhold taxes when rendering payment?

No. You are solely responsible for reporting any income you earn through SurveySavvy and paying the appropriate taxes. Luth Research abides by all federal requirements and sends 1099 information for anyone who makes over $600. Once you make over $600, we require your social security number for tax purposes.

How and when will my account be credited for one of my referrals completing a survey?

When your referrals or their referrals qualify for and successfully complete a paid survey, your account will automatically be credited within 4-12 weeks of their completion of the survey.

How does SurveySavvy membership work?

Please refer to How it Works

How do I access my profile and portraits?

Log into your account and visit the "Profile" area. The first two tabs, "Contact Information" and "Personal Information", compose your account profile. The third tab, "Portraits", has links to several unpaid surveys which help us match you to more paid survey invitations.

How do I change my email address and other profile information?

Log into your account and visit the "Profile" area. The first two tabs, "Contact Information" and "Personal Information", compose your account profile. The third tab, "Portraits", has links to several unpaid surveys which help us match you to more paid survey invitations.

How do I qualify for a survey?

There is no way to ensure that you will qualify for a survey. Our clients determine qualification requirements. Remember, keeping your profile information updated and filling out your member portrait expands your profile and can make you eligible for more surveys.

How do I re-activate my account if I've unsubscribed?

Log into your account, and you will be prompted to reactivate your primary email address.

How do I refer a friend, family member, or colleague?

To refer someone to SurveySavvy, log in to your account and visit the "Referrals" page. Under the "Invite Friends" section, provide the name and email address of whom you want to refer. We will send them a personalized email invitation with your referral link. The invitation will be added to your invitation history for your tracking needs.

If you send your own invitation, it is imperative that you include your referral link. Whenever one of your friends uses your personal referral link, you will automatically be recorded as their referrer. Invitations not sent through SurveySavvy will not show up in your invitation history.

How do I request payment?

To request payment, first log in, visit "Account" on the menu bar, then go to "Request Payment" next to the Account Balance.

How do I reset my password?

Visit the Forgot your password? page to have reset instructions sent to the primary email address associated with your account. If you no longer have access to the primary email address contact support.

How do I unsubscribe if I'm a member of SurveySavvy?

We appreciate your participation in the SurveySavvy online community and encourage you to remain an active member. If there is something we can do to make your SurveySavvy experience a better one, please let us know. If you still wish to stop participating, please visit our Unsubscribe page Once you unsubscribe, we will no longer send you survey invitations. You will still be compensated for the surveys completed by your referrals and their referrals.

How do I use a link that has been broken in two?

If you are unable to click on the link, please copy the entire link and paste it into the address bar of a new browser window.

If you are unsure how to copy and paste please follow these instructions:

1. Highlight the link by starting at the beginning of the link (where it says http:), and holding down the left mouse button while gliding the cursor over the text stopping at the end of the link.
2. Release the mouse button.
3. Place the cursor over the highlighted text, and click the right mouse button.
4. Choose copy.
5. Paste the link into the address bar (where you would normally type in by placing the cursor somewhere within that box, clicking the right mouse button and choosing paste.

If you copy and paste the link make sure there are no breaks in it or it will not work. Some email providers wrap long links and break them in the process.

How long does it take to receive a check once I've requested payment?

Please allow 4-12 weeks from your payment request date for processing and delivery of your check.

How or when will I receive a survey?

We target various demographic groups according to criteria established by our clients. If your profile matches the criteria for a specific survey, we will invite you via email to participate. If you qualify for and complete the survey, we will credit your SurveySavvy account for the amount promised in your invitation.

In the meantime, refer friends and family to boost your potential for incentives. SurveySavvy's patented incentive system pays you when your direct and indirect referrals complete surveys.

How will I get paid if I don't reside in the United States?

Currently all payments are sent in U.S. currency and mailed in the form of a check.

Is there any minimum or maximum amount for a payment request?

The minimum payout you can request is $1. There is no maximum payout amount. You may request to be paid any amount equal to or less than your current account balance greater than $1.

What are member portraits?

Portraits are unpaid surveys that allow you to provide specific information about yourself and your household. This information will be used to better target invitations for surveys that give you incentives.

What are the surveys about?

Our surveys are designed to gather opinions on a wide range of products and services. We may need your opinions on anything ranging from laundry detergent to automobiles; current events to computers. The client conducting the survey determines the topic and the qualifications for each of the surveys.

What does it mean when a survey is down for maintenance?

At times we bring our servers down for maintenance or to make changes to a survey. Check the status of the survey once or twice a day to see if the maintenance has been completed.

What Is SurveySavvy's policy regarding spam?

Luth Research has invested a tremendous amount of time and money to ensure that all information we receive from you is secure. We will not give or sell any personally identifiable information to any outside company. We will use your contact information only for market research purposes and will contact you only with information related to your SurveySavvy membership.

Rest assured that protecting our members' privacy and personal information is of the utmost importance to us.

What should I do if I enter the wrong answer to a survey question and disqualify?

In order for us to obtain accurate and reliable information, we do not allow participants to go back and change answers to qualifying questions. However, in appreciation for your time, you have been automatically entered into our monthly drawing for fifty $10 prizes.

Why can't I open the survey?

The survey may not open due to a pop-up blocker installed in your browser. Disable the pop-up blocker or hold down the CTRL key when using the survey link.

Why can't I use the survey link contained in the email message? (AOL members)

If you are an AOL member, you may need to activate the links located in the message.

At the top of the email message you will see a "Show images & enable links" link next to a small shield. Click on this link and this should allow you to use the links in the message.

To prevent this from happening in the future, please also be sure that in your content filter the box labeled "Block Mail with clickable hyperlinks (URLs)" is not checked, and that you add and to your address book.

Why did I receive a message telling me that I've already completed a survey and I'm not eligible to participate?

It is possible you were inadvertently re-invited to a survey in which you had already participated. For more information, please forward the email invitation to

Why didn't I qualify for a survey?

All of our surveys include screener questions that determine whether a respondent matches our clients' criteria and fits into an open quota group for that particular survey. If you do not match our client's demographic criteria for the survey, or you do not fit into an open quota group based on the answers you provide in the screening section, you will not be asked to complete the survey.

Why do your surveys ask questions about my gender, race, age, income, etc.?

These questions are asked to ensure we are gathering opinions from a representative portion of the population. Our clients determine which section of the population they want to interview for any given survey.

Why haven't I been invited to a survey?

First check your Bulk/Junk Mail folder for our survey invitations and use your email clients "Not Spam" or "Not Junk" buttons.

Second, please add the email addresses and to your address book or spam filter's white list. Doing this will ensure that you receive all future SurveySavvy invites and membership-related email messages.

Third, make sure you have activated your account. When you first register, we send you an activation email to verify your email address. If you did not receive this email, log in to your account and you will be presented with a tool to resend the activation email.

You can increase your chances of getting invited to surveys by completing Portraits for your "Profile". Keeping your account information and portraits up to date ensures we match you to the best survey opportunities.

Please do not be concerned if you have done all of the above and still have not received a survey invitation. We are working diligently to expand our clientele to ensure that you will have the opportunity to participate as soon as possible.

Why haven't I received the activation email?

You may not have received the activation email due to spam-blocking software used by your email program. If you have any spam-blocking software, please add the email addresses and to your address book or white-list. Doing this will ensure that you receive all SurveySavvy invites and membership related email messages.

Why was I invited to a closed survey?

Depending on the response from our members, some surveys will close sooner than others. It's likely that the survey closed after we had sent you an invitation, but before you attempted to participate.