SavvyConnect VIP Participation Requirements

Welcome to the SavvyConnect VIP Program! This is a unique opportunity where we pay you guaranteed monthly incentives - up to $15 USD per month ($5 per device type) for US members, or up to £15 GBP per month (£5 per device type) for UK members simply for remaining active in the SavvyConnect community!

Offer valid for US and UK residents while SavvyConnect is installed and activated. Limit one per member per listed device type (Computer, Phone, or Tablet.) You will be automatically opted out of this offer if 60 days pass without any device activity. After the first month, minimum participation requirements apply.

To earn monthly incentives, members will need to maintain a positive standing in the SavvyConnect community. This includes:

  • Frequently using the devices with SavvyConnect installed
  • Keeping your SavvyConnect application up to date with the latest software version and updates
  • Attempting all required SavvyConnect surveys displayed on the SavvyConnect Dashboard. (Note that you will receive repeated emails notifying you of any projects affecting your participation before it happens.)
  • Ensuring quality responses

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at or via our toll free support hotline at 855-851-0375 and our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have or walk you through the installation process.

After installing, you can check the status of each of your devices in near real-time by accessing your SavvyConnect Dashboard.